Welcome to The New Zealand Association for the Teaching of English. Our aims are to:

  • Promote the teaching of English at all levels of the education system and beyond, and to unite all members in a common purpose;
  • Act as a forum where all teachers of English can share ideas and experience;
  • Encourage continuity and liaison in the teaching of English from pre-school to primary to secondary to tertiary levels;
  • Encourage and foster research;
  • Publish material relevant to the teaching of English;
  • Speak authoritatively on behalf of all members on matters of concern related to the teaching of English;
  • Make appropriate representation on matters of concern related to the teaching of English;
  • Lend support to the activities of all teachers of English and their associations;
  • Promote liaison with the international organisations and with other National Associations for the Teaching of English;
  • Promote and facilitate travel to New Zealand by visiting overseas speakers and to encourage and facilitate travel abroad by New Zealand teachers of English.


Please click on the following link to read important information about the upcoming AGM, hosted at the :re:generation Conference 2016: Info Re NZATE AGM ’16.


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March 2016

Tai Tokerau Our main focus of 2016 will be organising the 2017 conference Weaving Words,which will be in Waitangi from the 12-14 th July. Things are progressing well with plans in place for the venue and keynote speakers. However, would love some more people to join the conference committee. Please contact Monique Vanstokkum if you are interested … Continue reading March 2016

From the NZATE Council

Info Re NZATE AGM ’16 Please take the time to open the link and read the info that’s been prepared regarding changes to the constitution. We look forward to seeing you at conference ’16 : Re:generation  

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